Teen Starts Petition: Make Plus-Size Disney Princess

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Ever notice how Disney Princesses all resemble one another? Jewel Moor, a junior in high school from Farmville, Va., noticed their larger-than-life eyes to their irregularly small body proportion resemble one specific body-type: unrealistic. Moor has taken it upon herself to open up the eyes of the Disney creators to create a plus-size princess through one growing petition.

She started the petition on Change.org to not only create a plus-size princess, but to feature the new addition in an upcoming movie.

In the petition Moor writes, "I'm a Junior in high school named Jewel. I made this petition because I'm a plus-size young woman, and I know many plus-size girls and women who struggle with confidence and need a positive plus-size character in the media."

So far the petition has generated 5,000 signatures along with a handful of responses.

Hallie Marshall from Rantoul, Il., replied to the petition post saying, "I am signing this because I believe that Disney characters are influential. The latest movie, Frozen, is encouraging! To all the haters out there who say that fat people are just lazy, please stop generalizing! Generalizations are the bane of our existence! Everyone's circumstance is different and I imagine you would hate it if you were lumped in with whatever generalizations there are about your gender, race, background, etc. Before you post your vitriol online, stop and think, would you say this to your daughter, your mother, your sister, or your wife."

Another user replied by saying, "I hate the term 'plus-size' its merely a way to sugarcoat reality to fat, over weight people. Being over weight has just as much, if not more negative health issues short and long term compared to being slightly underweight."

So far, Disney hasn't made a comment on the petition.

Click here to read more about the petition.

What do you think about the petition? Should Disney take note?

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