'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Released From Jail


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MTV's "Teen Mom" is a show that was created to document the trials and tribulations that young mothers face. Amber Portwood was one of the original teen moms and we saw her spiral out of control throughout the three seasons.

Portwood was sentenced to five years in prison after being arrested and charged with drug possession in December 2011. She served 17-months at the Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana before being released yesterday for good behavior.

Douglas S. Garrison, the chief communications officer of the Indiana Department of Correction confirmed her release. “She was released today and she’ll be going on parole,” he said. “Each parolee has a number of stipulations, and she may have to check in with her parole officer a couple times a month, possibly every week. That could last up to a year or so.”

Portwood originally had a choice to serve out her term or enter a court ordered substance abuse program. However, she chose to go to jail. “I actually said to the judge, ‘Send me to prison,’ which is weird but I did,” she told Dr. Drew Pinsky during the MTV special “Amber Behind Bars.” “I knew, and I don’t know how, but I knew that I was going to die if I didn’t go to prison,” she said.

After taking classes to help her cope with real-life and participating in a drug program, Portwood says she is a changed woman. It's obvious by her brother, Shawn Portwood's, Twitter posts, that she has a strong support system there to help her as well.

Here is a video of Portwood coming home. Watch how her brother spills everything out of her prison bag. She laughed, which is a good sign. Hopefully things are looking up for her.

Portwood's is the mother to 4-year-old Leah. However, her ex-fiancé, Gary Shirley, currently has full custody.

Image via Mugshots.com