"Teen Mom OG": Farrah Abraham Returns

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Teen Mom OG just got started good, and the drama is spot on with what was to be expected.

Of course, Farrah Abraham, Teen Mom alum and porn star, made a big splash with her arrival on the show.

She made her debut on Teen Mom OG during Monday's episode and it went as it should.

Farrah Abraham was originally cut from the show when the other Teen Mom stars refused to have anything to do with her.

However, the Teen Mom OG crew seemed to think that the show just wouldn't be the same, so they signed with her halfway through filming this season.

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If drama was their purpose, then Farrah Abraham delivered.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham seems not at all interested when the crew shows up at her house.

In fact, she is shown putting on her makeup, leaving to get a microwave pizza, sulking, and eventually crying.


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She said, "I was dropped [from Teen Mom OG] a year ago, then apparently now I'm not so crazy and it's okay that I'm back on TV."

She added, "I'm just over being judged. We all agree on the same thing. It's weird that I wasn't a part of it, now I'm a part of it. I already went to counseling for it."

However, she recently did an interview wherein she seemed much more put-together and calm. Perhaps doing Teen Mom OG was good for her. She seems to think so.

She said, "I'm just living my life and I’m being the best mother that I can and showing that on Teen Mom because that's what that show is about."

She added, "Looking back at past seasons from 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, and to now, I’ve realized how to become a better, loving, and more responsible mother."

We shall see, Farrah. We shall see.

What did you think of Farrah Abraham's debut episode of Teen Mom OG?

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