Ransomware - Image by Pete Linforth
Russian Sanctions Are Dampening Ransomware Attacks

Sanctions imposed on Russia by the international community are having an unforeseen side effect: ransomware has taken a hit.

Justice Statue - Image by Sang Hyun Cho
Clearview AI Dealt Major Blow in Court

Clearview AI was dealt a major blow in court, agreeing to completely revamp its business within the US.

Microsoft Security Experts
Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Security Experts Managed Services

Microsoft is moving further into the realm of cybersecurity, unveiling new managed services to help its customers tackle security challenges.

Lincoln College
Ransomware Leads to Lincoln College Shutting Down Permanently

Lincoln College has announced it is shutting its doors permanently, largely the result of the COVID pandemic and a recent ransomware attack.

artificial intelligence
Top Ways That AI Improves Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence can use predictive analytics to detect, deter, and destroy cyber threats. Read on for more below.

Mailchimp Logo
Mailchimp Was Hacked, Compromising 100+ Customers’ Data

Mailchimp has admitted being hacked, with more than 100 customers’ data compromised.

Globant Logo - Credit Globant
Globant Is the Latest Lapsus$ Hacking Victim

Globant, a company that helps others prepare “for digital and cognitive future,” is the latest victim of the Lapsus$ ransomware group.

FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel
Kaspersky Lab Labeled ‘a Threat to National Security’

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has labeled Kaspersky Lab “a threat to national security,” a first for a Russian firm.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang
Nvidia CEO Calls Lapsus$ Hack a ‘Wake-Up Call’

Nvidia suffered a major attack at the hands of ransomware group Lapsus$, an attack CEO Jensen Huang is calling a “wake-up call.”

Windows 10 Start Menu Dark Theme - Credit: Microsoft
Windows 10 and 11 Have a Critical, Seven Month-Old Zero-Day Flaw

Windows has a critical, zero-day flaw and the worst part is that Microsoft has known about it for seven months and can’t seem to fix it.

Microsoft Office Building
Microsoft Confirms Lapsus$ Hack, Interrupted It In Progress

Microsoft has confirmed it was at least partially compromised by hacking group Lapsus$, saying it interrupted the attack in progress.

Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
AI Represents Major Risk to Banking Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be the banking industry’s Achilles heel, making it more vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks.

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon
Okta CEO Confirms Breach Attempt in January, No Major Concern Now

On the heels of news Lapsus$ was claiming it breached Okta, the company’s CEO has confirmed an attempt in January.

LAPSUS$ May Have Hacked Microsoft

Continuing its string of high-profile attacks, Lapsus$ may have hacked Microsoft’s code repositories.

Okta Logo
LAPSUS$ May Have Hacked Okta

Identification and authentication services firm Okta is investigating the possibility it may have been hacked by LAPSUS$.

President Biden On Supply Chain Executive Order
Biden Warns of Russian Cyberattacks

President Joe Biden is warning American businesses of increased risk of cyberattacks as Russia looks to retaliate against sanctions.

Linux - Image by OpenClipart-Vectors
Severe Vulnerability Impacts Linux and Android

A new, severe vulnerability is putting Linux computers and many Android phones at risk.

Google Plex
Google Buying Mandiant For $5.4 Billion

Google and Mandiant have confirmed a deal for Google to acquire the cybersecurity firm for $5.4 billion.

Google Plex
Microsoft Backs Out of Mandiant Talks, Google Now the Frontrunner

Microsoft has dropped out of talks to acquire security firm Mandiant, with Google taking its place as the likely buyer.

Samsung Note 10 - Image by THAM YUAN YUAN
Lapsus$ Strikes Again: Hackers Steal Samsung Galaxy Code

Hacker group Lapsus$ is in the news again, this time for stealing 190GB of Samsung data and Galaxy code.