How to Use Data to Become Incredibly Customer Centric

Steve Stone, former CIO of L Brands and Lowes, recently discussed how retailers can use data to serve their customers better and become incredibly customer centric.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud is a Huge Technological Advantage

The release by Oracle of its AI-powered Autonomous Database Cloud earlier this year and adding Transactional Processing last week is huge for Oracle and its customers who need this cutting edge technology.

Don’t Be a Moron: Mark Cuban Reveals the Biggest Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the United States. Dallas Mavericks owner and mogul Mark Cuban says this is because most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong thing—raising money.

We Are Simply a Pawn of The Internet Business Model: Data Collection

We all should realize that everything we do is recorded into huge data sets in order for advertisers to target us better, for online stores to sell us stuff more effectively and for government agencies to know what we are up to.

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In the midst of the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook recently announced that…

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