Tea Party vs. GOP in Government Shutdown

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Veteran Republicans, finding the GOP the party mostly assailed for the clinging government shutdown, is lashing out at Tea Party lawmakers as those refusing to yield and allow the country to move forward. Polls over the last days that place the blame for the stalling in Washington directly on Republican shoulders are being used as ammunition against the Tea Party and some argue will lay foundations for election bids in 2014.

Echoing many Americans who are fed-up with the federal government, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu calls, "It's time for someone to act like a grown-up in this process." Sununu points the finger equally at President Barack Obama and Tea Party goers for the shutdown. He is joined by former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and other GOP loyalists across the country.

And it seems that even if laying blame at the doorstep of any one group or person is probably a useless endeavor, many are at least warning the Tea Party that a re-branding may be in order. But that term implies selling out to many Tea Party loyalists as demonstrated by an ad attributable to their official Facebook page.

Tea Party

In a Saturday interview, NPR's Don Gonyea discusses a visit to a Georgia-based Tea Party meeting where he contends there is no room for cutting deals, "I've got a taste at this Tea Party meeting I went to of how much pushback the GOP is getting from within its own party." Gonyea goes on to an example of a former Tea Party luminary, Senator Marco Rubio (Florida), who is held up as an example of the diversity in the party being of Hispanic descent but who was booed by the crowd for having landed on the wrong side of the immigration debate (from the view of Tea Party politics).

"It is the kind of pushback that the larger party gets from the Tea Party, from evangelicals, from other groups within the party that say: wait a minute, what do you mean rebrand? Does that mean you want to kind of mute our message or hide me over in the corner? No think you. We're going to be front and center."

[Image via Tea Party official Facebook.]

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