Taylor Swift Tops iTunes with Eight Seconds of Static and Silence

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Taylor Swift has a new album dropping soon, and she's released a couple of the new tracks on iTunes to boost excitement. Earlier this week, she dropped the second single from the album, "Welcome to New York".

Swift fans were likely thrilled then to see another release following that – a mysterious song only labeled "Track 3". How modern.

Fans downloaded it with fervor, and soon "Track 3" was #1 on the Canadian iTunes charts. Number one!

Here's the thing about "Track 3" – it was a mistake. A mistake best-selling song that was simply eight seconds of static and silence.

I'm sure you're think this is an incredibly funny commentary on the state of popular music and teen idolatry – and you would be right! But I like to think this was simply Taylor Swift deciding to f*ck with everyone, just to prove she's so popular she could make thousands upon thousands of dollars with a few seconds of white noise.

ALL SYSTEMS GO. #WelcomeToNewYork #1989

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Be on the lookout for future villainous acts, as that's some serious power right there and power, above all else, rarely fails to corrupt.

Here's the masterpiece in its entirety, if you're interested:

Image via Taylor Swift, Instagram

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