Taylor Swift Sued For Keeping Millions After Canceled Event

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Taylor Swift has always seemed like an untouchable princess in the world of celebrities; she may have a long list of boyfriends and songs about said boyfriends, but in the end it doesn't matter because she's Taylor Swift. She has long, Venus-like hair and probably never does anything as gauche as perspire or belch. That's why, when news made it's way around the web that she was being sued, her collective fan base perked their ears up like a confused Scooby-Doo.

Swift is indeed being sued by Florida-based FIRE USA, Inc., a ticket company which claims she accepted $2.5 million in advance of a concert in Canada that was eventually canceled and then never rescheduled a performance. Their claims came only after they were on the receiving end of another lawsuit by Evo Merchant Services, a credit card company looking to cover the losses they suffered after thousands of ticket holders demanded refunds.

Reps for Swift say she didn't make a deal with the ticket company, however, and that she hasn't seen the lawsuit yet. It might be a while before this one is resolved.

Of course, there are some--including One Direction fans--who appear to be unsympathetic...

Amanda Crum
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