Taylor Swift Spends Weekend With Friends


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Many people celebrate the Fourth of July holiday with friends and family, and celebrities are no different.

Taylor Swift surrounded herself with some of her best friends over the holiday weekend, many of them were also celebrities.

The group of girls posed for plenty of pictures during their celebration and proudly shared them all online on their Twitter and Instagram pages.

One of Swift's friends, Jaime King, even shared a video of herself and Swift jumping into a swimming pool with inflatables.

Many of the girls who are a part of Swift's friendship circle have been her friends since the beginning of her singing career.

Many of them are actresses and musicians and can relate to Swift and her hectic lifestyle.

While there was plenty of time for rowdy fun over the weekend, the girls also took some time to enjoy some more laid back activities such as cooking. They even shared photos of their kitchen masterpieces.

Swift learned a few tricks in the kitchen from celebrity chef Ina Garten last month when she visited her in the Hamptons. She has since started cooking more than ever and showing off the foods that she makes on her Instagram page.

When the girls weren't poolside or busy in the kitchen, they headed to the ocean to enjoy some sand and sun.

While some young stars were out partying and getting into mischief, Swift and her friends proved that you can have just as much fun without getting into trouble.

Hopefully the friendships will last and these girls will be spending many more holidays and summers together.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's group of friends and their Fourth of July weekend celebration?

Image via Wikimedia Commons