Taylor Swift Song Inspiration Arrested For Alleged Child Abuse

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Taylor Swift once wrote a famous song about crushing on someone who wouldn't give her the time of day, and the song--"Teardrops On My Guitar"--became a hit, drawing attention to the reported subject of the lyrics, Andrew Hardwick. Now, the 27-year old has been arrested for alleged child abuse along with his wife after a 3-year old girl was found with severe injuries to her head.

Andrew, Joni, and Christopher Hardwick were all taken into custody after medical personnel told police they responded to a call at the home and found the little girl with such severe injuries--including bruising and lacerations to her face and head--that she had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. The injuries, they said, were inconsistent with a fall. A 5-year old girl was upstairs in the home with Andrew and the 3-year old when he struck them both, she said, and when she told Christopher what happened he went to confront Andrew, who was reportedly intoxicated when police arrived and became belligerent. It's unclear at the time what the relationship is between the adults and the children.

Officials say that the injuries inflicted on the 3-year old were non-life threatening. Andrew was reportedly released on $100,000 bond but an investigation is ongoing.

Taylor Swift hasn't commented on the arrest and hasn't been active on social media much since before the holidays, when she posted a photo of herself dressed in an elf costume.

Taylor also shared a post about her huge amount of Instagram followers, which has now reached 50 million. The country/pop star just wrapped up her 1989 World Tour earlier this month after a very successful run which included several surprise celebrity guests.

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