Taylor Swift Braces for 'Ew!' Appearance on 'Tonight Show' — Literally

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Taylor Swift got her dorky on for an appearance in the The Tonight Show skit Ew! with Jimmy Fallon.

The 24-year-old singer and actress donned some braces, reading glasses and channeled goofy teen Natalie in a promo for the show.

The Tonight Show released the promo Friday for Taylor's upcoming appearance with Fallon on the show.

"Hey Sara, it's Natalie. Remember me? Our moms were best friends in college," Natalie says in the clip, addressing Fallon's character. "I'm really excited because my mom said we are going to come visit you and your mom and your dad. I heard that you have that television show called Ew! Maybe I can be on it."

Swift will appear on the NBC late night talk show on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Ew! is gaining popularity on the late night scene and on YouTube, especially with guest stars donning ridiculous outfits and channeling their inner silly teen girl. Here are a few appearances by other celebrities who've made it down into the basement of Ew!'s host, Sara (Fallon) — "that's S-A-R-A with no H, cause H is Ew!"

Seth Rogen (Allison) and Zac Efron (Brittany) take selfies with Brittany's new phone:

Channing Tatum (Susie) talks about the One Direction concert he/she is planning on attending:

Even Michelle Obama (as Mrs. Obama) visited Sara's basement to talk about exercise (Ew!) with Will Ferrell (Stacy):

Image via Taylor Swift, Instagram

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