Taylor Schilling Talks Body Image In Allure Magazine

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Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling recently posed for Allure magazine and opened up about her views on her body image.

Although she may play an inmate on Netflix's original series, Schilling refuses to feel imprisoned by the standards of Hollywood. Taylor explained that she doesn't feel that her looks are the most important part of her, and she said she feels that has a lot more to offer the world other than her appearance.

“I don’t feel bound by my face or my body," Schilling said. "I don’t feel like that’s the biggest gift I have to offer the world. I feel like there are more parts of me to offer than that.”

On Orange is the New Black, Taylor plays the role of Piper Chapman and said that the experience has been totally liberating by not having to worry about wardrobe changes and extreme makeup.

"It's totally liberating," the 29-year-old actress admitted to the magazine. "There's freedom in not having to make it about how my jeans fit or what my boobs look like in a top. All I have to do now is play."

Another aspect of the show that Taylor finds intriguing is the diverse cast. The show features women from all walks of life, in all different shapes and sizes. "When we walk down the street, we see a huge variety of women, and that's just not usually reflected in entertainment," Taylor explained. "Yet this show does that."

Laura Prepon, who plays Taylor's love interest on the show, also recently discussed the diverseness of the cast. “All the women on the show are different shapes, sizes, colors and creed—everything! You really embrace who you are, your curves and everything,” Prepon said. “So if anything on this show, it’s the most comfortable I’ve ever been because all of us just really embrace who we are. It’s wonderful.”

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