Tatiana Maslany Robbed Of Star Wars Role

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Tatiana Maslany has been passed over for the female lead in the new Star Wars stand-alone movie.

While earlier reports had her pretty much pegged as a sure thing, she was beat out by Felicity Jones.

Jones, of The Theory of Everything fame, beat out not only Tatiana Maslany, but also Rooney Mara.

As the star of Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany already had that whole clone thing going for her.

Fans of Tatiana Maslany had hoped that her clone experience would somehow put her ahead of the game.

*inserts deep, inspirational quote here*

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Of course, we don't really know what the new Star Wars stand-alone will be about. And we don't even have an idea as to the the focus of the new film.

But, you know. Clones.

Oh well, Tatiana Maslany is great in everything she has done so far. Surely her talents will garner her plenty of enviable roles in the future.

The new Star Wars stand-alone is on track to be a winner, with Gareth Edwards at the helm as director and Chris Weitz as the story's apt scribe.

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Now, with Felicity Jones on board and rumors circulating that Aaron Paul and Edgar Ramirez are on the interest list for the male lead, what could go wrong?

Tatiana Maslany can just sit back and wait for the amazing roles to come to her, anyway.

Tatiana Maslany should, for that very reason, go ahead and get used to walking the red carpet. The lovely Canadian was a little overwhelmed at the 2015 SAG Awards recently.

Tatiana Maslany said that whole experience was "surreal."

She added, "It's crazy to be here. I'm so new to this whole thing, so it's always very shocking."

What do you think of Tatiana Maslany being passed up for Felicity Jones? Uncalled for or understandable?

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