Tatiana Maslany Finally Gets Emmy Nomination For "Orphan Black"

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Tatiana Maslany finally has the validation she has deserved for so long.

Since her beginning with Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany has blown audiences away with her raw talent.

Now, she is confirmed by the Emmy folks to be truly amazing with a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

After nominations were announced Thursday, Twitter went wild with congratulations for Tatiana Maslany.

Tatiana Maslany even posted a heartfelt thanks to her fans.

@mariadkennedy and me hanging with some dudes we picked up

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"To me, it's an awesome honor and really unexpected," Tatiana Maslany said after her nomination was announced.

Tatiana Maslany was quick to thank her fans in the interview as well, saying, "The thing that I find exciting is the fans have always been so supportive of us, and this Emmy nomination means a lot to them. So it's not necessarily just for me. It's very much about the fans."

Tatiana Maslany seemed surprised that her role in Orphan Black was in the running with ladies like Claire Danes for Homeland, Taraji P. Henson for Empire, and Robin Wright for House of Cards.

Tatiana Maslany said of her fellow nominees, "These people that I'm nominated with are in high dramas. It's very crazy. Our show has broken the barrier of just being a sci-fi cult show."

That's not the only barrier Tatiana Maslany and others of her ilk are breaking.

@TheBruun and me heading to our #NerdHQ panel. #turndownforwall

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For example, in an interview for the Los Angeles Times, Tatiana Maslany explained how her character and others are changing the way women's roles are perceived.

Tatiana Maslany said, "We're breaking stereotypes about how women can behave on TV. In the past women have been placed in so many oppressive boxes — you can be the sideline character or the love interest."

She added, "I love that on this show, the women I play are dark, weird, funny, scary, daring and vulnerable. It's not just 'strong,' not just 'feminine.'"

Are you super excited for Tatiana Maslany and her Emmy nomination?

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