Tasha Smith Paying Big Time After Filing for Divorce

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Tasha Smith, star of Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?, is likely asking herself that exact question right now. The actress had divorce papers served on hubby Keith Douglas, and is already paying--quite literally--for doing so.

TMZ reports that both Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas initially filed for restraining orders against one another. The two were living in the same house, so a judge ordered Smith to stay two yards away from Douglas at all times. Since Smith is the one who generates the household income, a judge has ordered her to pay Keith Douglas $50,000 up front, which reportedly isn't even for spousal support.

Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas--who incidentally was also her manager--first parted ways in November. He claims she frequently goes into fits of rage fueled by alcohol. He adds that she has threatened his life before and has warned him "not to fall asleep or something will happen."

She claims he threatened her life as well, and accused her of sleeping with other women. She adds that he referred to her as a "f*cking dike."

Tasha Smith and Keith Douglas will appear before a judge in January to iron out those restraining orders. And that $50,000 she was ordered to give him? That's simply to hold him over until a permanent spousal support agreement is drawn up in court.

So why did Tasha Smith get married? It's likely that at this point in time her list isn't very long.

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