Tara Reid Reveals She Kissed Tom Brady

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Tara Reid, actress of American Pie and Sharknado, revealed she has indeed kissed football player Tom Brady. According to the Daily Mail, Kyle And Jackie O were interviewing her on their Australian breakfast radio show segment, "60 Seconds Of Kiss", when she revealed the kiss.

"He's pretty good looking," she said of Brady. She revealed she also kissed Koby Abberton, who is a member of the Australian surfing gang, the Bra Boys.

When asked about Jason Biggs, her co-star of American Pie, the actress said, "no way!"

There is no mention of the Tom Brady fling on Reid's Twitter profile. However, she did show off her bikini body from a day off of filming:

And her new engagement ring:

Which turned out just to be a prop from her new movie:

Her current project, Charlie's Farm by director Chris Sun is currently being filmed in Queensland, Australia on a tiny budget of 1.5 million. According to the Courier-Mail, she has hope that “there’s going to be a couple of them. This could be a huge franchise. Having someone who’s done so many films like myself heightens the interest in it. That’s the beauty about what you do and being famous is that you can help a lot of people.”

The Daily Mail reported that Reid has been enjoying her time in Australia making the film. "'I'm not really missing the internet at all. I don't have to read anything about myself I can just focus on the film and have a good time. I did an interview the other day and they were mentioning the gossip that's happening right now around the world and I had no idea what they were even talking about. I kind of like that, it was refreshing," she said "It's amazing here, we're in the middle of nowhere and there's no paparazzi. It's not like being home when they're outside your house and they watch every little move you make. Here it's very comforting for me."

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