Tara Reid Never Talks With Paris and Lindsay, Ready for Sharknado 3

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Tara Reid may not be in the middle of what you might call a “career revival,” not the likes of the one Matthew McConaughey saw after Dallas Buyers Club, anyway. When the thing you are making headlines for is Sharknado, it’s not really a parallel. Nonetheless, she is getting invitations to radio shows and such.

Recently Reid visited with the Kyle and Jackie O show on KISS FM where the hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O asked if she still keeps up with old pals like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Loan.

“I don't even know the situation with Paris," Tara said.

“So you don't catch up with her at all?" Jackie asked.

Tara was clear, “No.”

Well, what about Lindsay Lohan? The two used to be such pals back in the day.

"We don’t really like each other that much,” Reid said, not mincing words.

She went on to explain, "If I get drunk, I’m happy drunk. When she [Lindsay] gets drunk, she’s just mean."

What could separate the little pack? Was it just a case of “Mean Girls” nastiness?

“You know I’m older than those girls,” Reid elaborated. "I'm probably ten years older than them. So they might have been mean with each other, but…I'm kind of the godmother of those girls."

Reid did say that her new bestie is Kelly Osbourne.

“She’s like one of my best friends,” Reid revealed. “She's awesome."

Reid has said that she is over all the criticism she’s gotten in tabloids in the past.

“I think my life is fun really,” she claimed. “The fact that I still keep going with all the stuff I’ve been through, from life to the media, but yet I still stay fun and fearless, I still live my life. You know, you’ve got to stay strong, you get thicker skin."

As for her future, Reid has already said she’s on board for Sharknado 3.

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