Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Hired For Oscar Awards


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First Sochi and now Hollywood.

At least that's how it is for Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski, as they both have been hired by Access Hollywood as fashion critics for this year's Oscar Awards.

Rob Silverstein, who's the executive producer for Access, says he got the idea to hire the Olympic commentators from host Billy Bush, and right away he thought it was a wonderful idea so he got the paperwork drawn up quickly.

"He lit up and said, 'You [and Tara] are doing Oscar red carpet for us," said Silverstein. "It hadn't hit me yet, but as soon as Billy mentioned it, I thought it'd be great, so we made a deal with them in a day.

Weir and Linpinski have turned out to be a hit in Sochi, which made the decision to bring them on an easy one, said Silverstein. And although their obviously experts at figure skating, and not clothes, they both have a lot to offer in terms of fashion choices and certain trends.

And Silverstein said they'll work out fine for the simple fact they both have tons of personality, and he'll take personality over a strong fashion background any day.

"It's not two clowns up there," noted Silverstein. "They actually know their stuff. Yes, they don't work for InStyle or Vogue, but they don't need to. Fashion, and our show, is about fun, and they're fun."

The former figure skaters will critique the fashion choices of celebrities as they're coming down the red carpet, however their comments will appear on Monday's Access Hollywood show as a recap.

There's a good chance the Sochi Olympics were just the start for Weir and Linpinski as a reporting duo and it's possible they'll continue to do red carpet events in the years to come.

And the fact that they're not totally immersed in the fashion world gives them an advantage, says Silverstein, because their opinions will be fun and lighthearted. "I'm anticipating them being great," he said. "Because they're authentic and authenticity sells. Plus, they don't take everything too seriously, and neither do we."

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