Tamar Braxton Apologizes For 'Throwing Shade'

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Tamar Braxton is known for "throwing shade!"

However, her latest crypted tweets allegedly directed toward her sisters Trina and Towanda Braxton have apparently ruffled some feathers in the "Tamartian" world.

For those who missed it, the 37-year-old singer recently made a number of insulting comments about her sisters' talent and singing abilities.

"Do the Grammy’s have a duet with auto tune category yet? Cause…” Tamar tweeted.

Although it's quite entertaining to watch the five sisters partake in verbal sparring matches on Braxton Family Values, sometimes things can go a bit too far.

Apparently, the "Love & War" singer also felt the same way because she's decided to clear the air. She recently took to Twitter with a lengthy apology to her sisters and an explanation for her actions.

“I want to apologize to my #tamartian friends for my actions on twitter in responding to negative comments! U can believe what u want I ?? & RESPECT my family & FRIENDS and I don’t think for a second that my sister is not TONI ThE BRAxTON I’ve said it on tv, radio to twitter thugs For YEARS!!” she said.

Although she apologized, she made it clear that she will not give anyone credit for her hard work and success.

“However, I will NEVER give my hard work, time away from my son, my relationship with my #tamartianfriends to anyone other than To GOD! And neither should you! Not your mother father sister brother husband baby father aunt uncle or whomever!” she said.

She's also vowed to be more tactful with her comments and "remain positive." “I will remain positive And give my #tamartianfriends the person that they know and NOT fly off the handle and respond to foolishness! Even if it is 100 percent Wrong!!…” she tweeted.

Of course, all of the tweets have since been deleted. Fans can catch Tamar Braxton on the Braxton Family Values spin-off Tamar & Vince every Thursday at 10/9c on WeTV!

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