Taliban Holding Dog Hostage...Whose Dog?

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What terrible words can one say about the extremist organization known as the Taliban that has not be repeated a million times in many different languages? I doubt I can think of any new ones, but I can say that this latest episode involving members of this organization is a twist that is so bizarre and ridiculous that it leaves one momentarily speechless.

In a new video, Afghan Taliban members are bragging that they have successfully captured a military dog. As in they have kidnapped and they are holding a dog hostage.

A dog.

A furry, frightened, four-legged little animal that knows nothing about jihads, America, or the fact that the light you shine on the bedroom wall isn't actually tangible.

The video was posted on the insurgent's website and later on the Facebook page, in which members claim that they took a military dog belonging to the United States. The little dog which they say is named "Colonel", actually does not belong to any branch of the United States military. It is believed that the dog belongs to the British forces, however it's not absolutely certain.

Let's continue suspending disbelief for just a moment and actually dare to indulge these individuals. They captured an American military dog. What reaction were they hoping for?

Given all the heinous acts of human rights violations already perpetrated by members of the Taliban, is the idea that such persons could harm a helpless animal supposed to be shocking? Did they think a rescue mission would be staged? Did they think that the American military would be moved to barter for the freedom of a dog? That the US government would stop what it was doing and focus its attention on this either desperate or insane (or an odd combination of both...) act and take them that much more seriously.

And now that disbelief is no longer suspended, I will say that I don't know whether I feel terrified for the dog (because we are trusting these people are telling the truth and that this animal is in danger and not someone's pet...) and angry that anyone would threaten a dog with violence under any circumstances or ready to fall in the floor and laugh myself into a coma at the idea of this being something that is supposed to strike terror into my heart: "We have kidnaped your dog. FEAR US!"

Perhaps we should feel a bit of both towards this terrorist group. Clearly there is desperation involved if you're willing to grab at anything, no matter how seemingly pointless to get at your enemy. And the idea of threatening a dog, which has no idea who you and what you're trying to accomplish, is absolutely insane. Desperation and insanity are a lethal combination. And the presence of such a combination makes even the most ludicrous of situations scary.

There's no telling what will happen to Colonel, but as stated, given the members of this organizations treatment of other human beings, it does not look good. The most we can hope is that it's staged propaganda and one way or another, the dog is part of this bizarre scenario.

Image via GeoBeats News

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