Take A Look At The World Of Kinect Sports Rivals

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Today marks the beginning of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, but most of us are probably already tired of snow. To take your mind off of all things winter and snowy, Microsoft has just the thing - a new trailer for Kinect Sports Rivals

In a new video released today, Rare shows us the new environments they have built for the latest entry in the Kinect Sports franchise. Not content to stick with the same old environments people have come to expect from sports game, Rare instead transports players to an island full of fantastical terrain ripped straight out of locations like China's Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

As for the gameplay, it's your typical Kinect Sports title. Players will have to move their whole bodies to control their on-screen avatars in various events, like tennis, bowling, jet ski racing and mountain climbing.

Kinect Sports Rivals will be released in Q2 2014 exclusively for the Xbox One.

Image via xbox/YouTube

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