Taiwanese Man Killed Wife's Facebook Friend


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Chou You-huang, a 34-year-old Taiwanese man, committed a crime of passion and killed a man after he found out his wife, Chen, was flirting with him on Facebook.

Chen, in a Facebook status update, wrote, “I want to get McDonalds! Which nice man will take me there?” Chuang Shih-chang responded: “I am about to arrive at your house!”

Apparently this was enough to send Chou over the edge.

According to The Raw Story, Chou told police that he had requested a meeting with Chuang after he found out about the online relationship he had with his wife. Chuang agreed to meet the man and was confronted by Chou and two of his friends. Things escalated quickly and they beat him with baseball bats. Chuang died from an intracranial hemorrhage.

The men called the police to report that they saw a man lying on the ground after they murdered him.

They claim that they were unaware of the extent of Chuang's injuries and did not mean to leave him for dead.

Spousal jealousy stemming from Facebook has led others to murder in the past. The problem with social media is that it makes correspondence easier to monitor while giving users the impression that their information is protected. Because users feel that they can use forums like Facebook to entertain thoughts and ideas more openly, some people can get carried away and make advances that they wouldn't normally.