Target Horribly Photoshops Bikini Ad

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Photoshopping has become less of a secret and more of an expected visual aid. These days, people are fighting back against the sometimes (especially in this case) unnatural and almost unobtainable final results of the photo-aiding program.

Recently, Target has been under fire after summer bikini ads were released looking obviously and painfully photo-edited. The editing took place around the models lower half, in-between her thighs. It seems Target was trying their best to eliminate the pesky thigh touching, opting for a sleek, thigh gap look instead.

Unfortunately, the desired effect didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, erasing some of the model's vagina and thighs.

And just when you think that isn't horrifying enough, the model's armpit has been dissected underneath the photoshop's "magic" in what seems to be an attempt to lengthen her arms.

Scanning down the model's left side, you can see Target's attempt at adjusting her waist size as well, opting for a slimmer look.

The photo has been removed from the website but you can see the picture here.

Take a look inside the photoshopping process.

With seemingly deliberate altercations to the model, it doesn't seem that far-fetched that whoever was in charge of this ad purposely hacked the photoshopping on the junior model.

Cassey of Blogilates found the ad shocking, claiming the picture is indeed a conspiracy. They seem to think that whoever was responsible for this ad wanted the public to see the truth behind photoshopping and why it's wrong to make a skinny model even skinnier.

"But you know what…I have a conspiracy theory," the blogger stated. Maybe the artist who did this disaster of a photoshop job was actually REBELLING by doing such a horrendous touch-up. Maybe it was a hidden message to us all! Ha, wouldn’t that be something?"

Is someone out there thinking airbrushing skinny models into even skinnier models isn't the most ethical and realistic image young women should be looking at?

Aside from the terrible photoshop job, do you think the picture was published on purpose? Is someone out there trying to bring truth to the photoshopped world that we live in?

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