IBM Announces SaaS Cloud Pak for Zero Trust Security

IBM is going all-in on zero trust security, with the introduction of a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of Cloud Pak for Security.

Google Releases Cloud-Native Security Whitepaper

In light of the ongoing ascendancy of clouding computing, Google has released a new whitepaper addressing cloud-native security. The whitepaper highlights a new approach to cloud security, emphasizing the unique needs of cloud-based systems. For example, in traditional computer security,…

Akamai Acquires KryptCo, Makers of Authentication Technology

Akamai Technologies, one of the world’s premier content delivery networks (CDN), just announced its acquisition of KryptCo. KryptCo is the creator of a mobile, multi-factor authentication mechanism that, unlike many competing solutions, doesn’t require a pin number for authorization. As…

Identity Is the Central Platform For Companies To Embrace Cloud

“They’re going from a world where they were thinking about cloud computing, firewalls, and VPNs, and now they’re thinking about identity as being the central platform to really embrace the cloud, create a great digital experience for customers, and also keep it all secure, says Okta CEO Todd McKinnon”

Zero Trust Focuses On the Data That’s Key to Your Business

“The fundamental way you look at Zero Trust is it’s an architectural approach to how do you secure your network focused on what’s most important,” says Scott Stevens, SVP, Global Systems Engineering at Palo Alto Networks. “You focus on the data that’s key to your business. You build your security framework from the data out.”

How a Zero Trust Network Can Keep Your Business Data Secure

The numerous data breaches that occurred over the years clearly indicate that cybersecurity is still prone to failure. Every new security measure system defenders come up with is eventually thwarted by hackers. The number of affected users is staggering. A…