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The Tenacious Climb of Women Returning to Work in the Post-Pandemic Workplace
Learn more about how women returning to work are doing so with confidence in the workplace in the article below. ...
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eBay Uplifting Women in Business
We have all been stressed far beyond capacity in the past year and a half since the onset of the COVID pandemic. We’ve been tested and tried and man...
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Jobs Site Identifies 10 Professions in Which Women Earn Less
Jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor regularly shares interesting insights into employers, and has a new report out examining the gender pay gap. Based ...
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Sandra Bullock on Hollywood Sexism: “I’m Glad They Got Caught”
There’s been a lot of talk recently about the gender pay gap, and though it’s an issue all over the country, its existence in Hollywood ha...
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Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Exacerbated by Lack of Women Engineers, Says Google Exec
According to a Google exec, the Volkswagen emissions scandal could have been avoided or at least mitigated if there were more female engineers working...
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Women Use More Social Media, But the Gap Is Closing
Social media use is higher than it’s ever been – across the board. This we know. But is there a marked gender difference in it? According to P...
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Apple Reveals Modest Improvement in Employee Diversity
Last year, when Apple released its first ever diversity report, the company revealed that its workforce was 70 percent male and 55 percent white. Of c...
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Twitter, Which Employs 70% Men, Threw a ‘Frat Party’
It’s probably not a big deal for a Twitter team to get together and play some beer pong. Maybe in another climate, it wouldn’t even be a b...
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Twitter Promises to Work on Its Diversity Problem
Twitter has made a promise, albeit a bit vague, to make sure its workforce is more diverse. The company has partnered with the UN’s HeForShe ini...
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Facebook Is Requiring Minorities Be Considered for All Open Positions
Facebook has a diversity problem. Facebook is far from the only company in the Valley with a diversity problem, but it exists nonetheless. When it com...
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Uber Driver Accused of Rape, Kidnapping in Philadelphia
In my god what the hell are people doing news, another Uber driver has been accused of rape and kidnapping, and was apparently not suspended until at ...
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Madonna: Gays Doing Well; Time for Women
When Madonna recently gave an exclusive interview to Out! Magazine, she said something that has ignited a bit of controversy. While Madonna is very pr...
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Julianne Moore Loves Women, But Stop Saying She Only Plays Lesbians
Julianne Moore doesn’t like being pigeon-holed. She thinks there are some misconceptions out there about who she is and the kinds of roles she p...
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Uber: We’ll Hire a Million Female Drivers by 2020
Uber, a company that’s had its fair share of safety issues concerning female passengers, has announced a new initiative to get more women behind...
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Apple Donates $50M to Further Racial & Gender Diversity in Tech
Fresh off its big smartwatch event, Apple is donating more than $50 million to groups that help promote diversity in the workplace. Specifically, Appl...
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Shonda Rhimes Says The Glass Ceiling Is Still There
Shonda Rhimes is one of the most prominent women in television today as the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal. She’s...
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Women Are Happiest Working for These Tech Companies
Among other things, 2014 has been the year of the diversity report. Like dominoes, tech company after tech company has made a point to release their i...
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Gene Simmons Tells Women, Men ‘Will Run Out on You’; Make Your Own Money
Gene Simmons is a man with his own opinions, which he holds dear. Whether he is claiming rock and roll is dead — which is, thankfully, being challen...
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AOL Launches BBG Fund Focused On Women-Led Tech Start-Ups
AOL announced a new venture fund focused on early stage investments in women-led consumer internet start-ups, and appointed Susan Lyne to run it. It&#...
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Pinterest: Beloved by Women, Run by Men
Pinterest, by most every account, is a female-dominated social network. One recent report found that its user base is as much as 80 percent female. No...
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