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Media Groups Voice Support for Julian Assange
Media groups have come out in favor of Julian Assange, urging the US to drop the charges against him....
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Chelsea Manning Can No Longer Be Referred To With Male Pronouns, Says Court Order
Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has won the right to “she” and “her”. In a court order issued on Wednesday...
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Chelsea Manning Must Be Referred to As ‘She’ by U.S. Military, Court Rules
Chelsea Manning, a former U.S. Marine soldier undergoing gender reassignment from male to female, must be referred to as “she” or the gend...
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Chelsea Manning Will Receive Hormone Therapy Following Suit
Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks leaker formerly known as Bradley Manning, is finally getting the hormone treatments she’s been demanding for mont...
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Chelsea Manning to Write Columns for The Guardian
Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks leaker formerly known as Bradley Manning who was recently sentenced to 35 years in prison, has joined The Guardian US a...
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WikiLeaks Blasts Google For Giving FBI Personal Data, Delaying Notification
Google reportedly delayed by two and a half years disclosure to WikiLeaks that it gave emails and other data from three of its staff to the FBI. This ...
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Chelsea Manning Sues US Gov’t Over Stalled Gender Treatments
Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Defense. In it, the Wikileaks leaker c...
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Chelsea Manning Looks To Transfer To Civilian Prison For Hormone Therapy
Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, is serving a 35 year prison sentence at a military detention center for leaking classified military documen...
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George Clooney is Engaged to Amal Alamuddin
Hollywood has been waiting for this day for a long, long time! George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are engaged. What?? Yep, PEOPLE reports that a source...
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Chelsea Manning: Lawyer To Appeal 35 Year Sentence
Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning, was sentenced in August to 35 years in prison for releasing 700,000 classified government document...
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TPP Chapter published by WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks is at it again, publishing secret political documents of largest-ever economic treaty. A controversial chapter of the Trans-pacific partners...
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Weekend Box Office: The Fifth Estate Fails Miserably
Nothing changed this past weekend, in regards to the top two spots as Gravity and Captain Phillips both held onto their first and second position. Pro...
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Julian Assange Discusses Life in Exile
Julian Assange has once again gained international attention. This time, however, it has less to do with his leaking-abilities and more to do with his...
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Wikileaks Leaks Script for ‘Fifth Estate’
With a tweet, a leak: As WikiLeaks was never consulted about the upcoming Hollywood film on us, we've given our advice for free: It's bad ht...
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Leavenworth Prison May Be Bradley Manning’s New Home
Earlier today we brought you news that Bradley Manning, the Army private convicted of providing over 700,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks, had be...
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Lady Gaga Tweets About Manning’s Sentence
Facebook and Twitter are blowing up with varying comments on the recent sentencing  of U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. And it’s become evident that...
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Bradley Manning Found Not Guilty Of Aiding The Enemy
Bradley Manning, the young Army private that’s a whistleblower to some and a traitor to others, has been in a military court the past few months...
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Edward Snowden: Venezuela Says the Door’s Open
The presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua have extended a hand to Edward Snowden. In the wake of the grounding of Bolivian president Evo Morales’s p...
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Edward Snowden Releases First Statement Since Landing In Moscow
Edward Snowden, the man behind the recent NSA spy program leaks, is the most wanted man in the world at the moment. The U.S. government is doing every...
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Edward Snowden Is Now In Russia, Is Seeking Asylum In Ecuador
Edward Snowden, the man behind a series of leaks that exposed NSA spy programs, is now on the run from the U.S. He was originally lying low in Hong Ko...
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