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Tag: Web analytics

Imgur Analytics Let You Track The Viral Success Of Your Images
Imgur just announced the launch of a new analytics platform that will enable brands and marketers to track the viral life of the images they upload. G...
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Google Talks Measurement Challenges In Analytics Presentation
Google is sharing a recent presentation about universal analytics on the Google Analytics YouTube channel. The talk from Analytics Advocate Daniel Wai...
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Google Analytics Gets New Custom Dimensions
Google announced today that it has added “many” new dimensions to standard reports in Google Analytics. Included is Custom Dimensions, whi...
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Socialbakers Launches Mobile Analytics App, Adds Instagram And LinkedIn Support
Socialbakers announced today at the Engage 2013 conference in New York that it is launching a mobile analytics app and support for Instagram and Linke...
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Google Analytics Adds New ‘Speed Suggestions’ Report
Google announced the launch of a new Speed Suggestions report in Google Analytics. This can be found under Site Speed along with Overview, Page Timing...
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Google Analytics Real Time Reports Get Even Better
The real-time feature is probably the best thing Google has done for Google Analytics in a long time, at least for publishers like us. Now the feature...
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YouTube Has New Analytics Features
YouTube is talking about some new analytics features it has rolled out recently, including “time watched” and “annotation” rep...
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Google Adds A New Kind Of Referrer For Ad Clicks
Google announced today that it’s making a change to how some clicks coming from Google appear in traffic logs and web analytics software, though...
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Yahoo Drops Analytics-Only Customers
Yahoo announced some changes to Yahoo Web Analytics. Specifically, it is discontinuing services for analytics-only customers and the Yahoo Web Analyti...
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Google’s BigQuery Means Analytics for all Businesses
Google is introducing an analytics solution for businesses of all sizes without the need for investments in additional hardware or software. BigQuery ...
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Nine Analytics Tips to a Hassle-Free Site Migration
Many site owners and marketing managers experience data loss and lose visibility into their marketing activities and site performance which potentiall...
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Google Analytics Email, PDF Exporting Features Announced
Google announced that Analytics reports in Google Analytics can be sent to users via email from within Google Analytics itself. They can be scheduled ...
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Yahoo Web Analytics Version 10.3.19 Gives Product A Facelift
Yahoo is giving Yahoo Web Analytics a refresh, and as a start, has launched version 10.3.19. “We want to make the YWA user experience better –...
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Urchin Founder Reflects On The Impact Of Urchin And Google Analytics
Google acquired Urchin all the way back in 2005. It seems like an eternity ago. “In 2005 we acquired Urchin, whose online web analytics product ...
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Google Analytics Gets Non-Interaction Event Tracking
Google announced the addition of non-interaction events to its set of event tracking metrics. “”But wait!’ you ask, ‘How can a...
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Google Analytics Gets Webmaster Tools Data, New Search Reports
Google is letting Google Analytics users get Webmaster Tools data in their GA accounts, so they can surface Google search data in GA. Several months a...
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Google Launches Important New Tools for Webmasters
Google made a couple relatively quiet announcements this week that have pretty big ramifications for webmasters who want to get more traffic to their ...
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Google Analytics Real-Time Launches for Real Time Traffic Data
Google announced the launch of a new set of reports in Google Analytics today, which shows you what’s happening with your site as it happens. Pr...
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Google Gets Around Analytics Issues in Germany
Early this year, reports surfaced that the German government would possibly fine businesses for using Google Analytics, saying that the tool violates ...
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Google Adds Multi-Channel Funnels to Google Analytics
Google announced a new set of five reports in Google Analytics today called Multi-Channel Funnels. In Analytics, conversions and ecommerce transaction...
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