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Tag: Vladimir Putin

Ukraine Crisis Deepens: Occupation, Sanctions and Troops on the Border
Even though Russian President Vladimir Putin attempted last week to resolve the issue once and for all, the Ukraine crisis continues to see developmen...
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Pussy Riot Talks Political Freedom With Matt Lauer
Political freedom through music, lyrics and videos. That is the drive that keeps Pussy Riot going, even if it costs them their livelihood, even if the...
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Putin Divorce Complete, According to Kremlin
The Kremlin has reported that the divorce between Russian president Vladimir Putin and wife Lyudmila Putina has been finalized. The couple had announc...
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John Kerry Meets with Russian Foreign Minister
Upon meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Sunday in Paris to discuss a diplomatic solution to the situation in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Min...
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Steven Seagal Supports Vladimir Putin
While filming a movie in Romania, actor, film producer, screenwriter, director, martial artist, musician and reserve deputy sheriff Steven Seagal did ...
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Vladimar Putin Annexes Crimea, Will He Stop There?
Russian President Vladimir Putin completed the annexation of Crimea on Friday, signing the peninsula into Russia. In a bold move against warnings from...
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Crimea: Ukraine Withdraws Amid Sanctions
Thousands of Ukrainian troops are preparing to withdraw from Crimea, as Western leaders begin sanctions against Russia for attempting to annex the reg...
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Mikhail Gorbachev: Crimea Annexation is ‘Happy Event’
Mikhail Gorbachev, former President of the Soviet Union, has proclaimed Crimea’s vote to join Russia as a “happy event.” In comments...
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Hilary Clinton Backs Up Putin-Hitler Comparison
Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton drew fire from many recently for her statements equating Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his country’...
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Ashley Wagner Takes Sochi Olympics Internet Memes in Stride
Ashley Wagner doesn’t seem to be bothered by the internet memes that are circulating about her. The American figure skater has become well-known...
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Brittany Schussler in Hot Water for Selfie With Vladimir Putin
Canada’s Brittany Schussler hasn’t won an Olympic medal yet, but if medals were given out for worst selfie, the speed skater would definit...
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Canadian Athlete Receives Criticism for Selfie
Russian president Vladimir Putin dropped by the USA and Canada Houses in Sochi on Friday. The visit from the president generated plenty of attention f...
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Olga Graf, Russian Speed Skater, Nearly Flashes Crowd After Winning the Bronze
Speed skater Olga Graf won Russia its first medal of the 2014 Olympic Games on Sunday. In a surprising win, she took the bronze medal in the womenR...
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Sochi Mayor Claims No Gay People Live In His City
A Russian drag queen that goes by the name Madame Zhu-Zha said that there is in fact a gay community in Sochi and throughout Russia. “There are ...
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Vladimir Putin Defends Anti-Gay Law
Russian President Vladimir Putin recently defended his country’s new controversial anti-gay law, and explained that it was not intended to discr...
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Russia Frees ‘Pussy Riot’ Members
Two incarcerated members of the Russian protest-punk band ‘Pussy Riot’ were released from a Russian prison Monday, due to a new amnesty le...
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Vladimir Putin Signs Pardon for Mikhail Khodorkovsky
In an act that surprised the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned former billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky at the end of his annual press c...
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Russia May Free Pussy Riot Members
As the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi in February draw near, Russia’s parliament passed a new amnesty bill on Wednesday, which is widely vi...
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Ukraine Signs Controversial Pact With Russia
Earlier today Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych signed agreements with Russian President Vladmir Putin that anti-government protesters in Ukraine ...
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Greg Louganis Opposes Sochi Olympic Boycott
Greg Louganis is opposed to a boycott of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Instead of boycotting the Olympics, Louganis urged athletes to dedicate their...
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