Twitter For iOS Getting A Major Overhaul With iOS 6

It’s often been said that Twitter and the iPhone are kind of like peanut butter and chocolate: two great things that weren’t made for each other, but go together so well that you’d almost think they were. That’s due in…

Twitter For iPhone and Android Updated and Improved

Twitter has updated its mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. The updated app can now be downloaded at the Apple App Store or at Google Play. The announcement came from Twitter Product Manager Sung Hu Kim in a post…

Twitter for iPhone App Made Available

A process that began about six weeks ago has now reached its conclusion.  Twitter for iPhone and iPod Touch, an app that was known as Tweetie until Twitter acquired it on April 9th, was (re)released today, and as promised, it’s free and doesn’t take direct aim at third-party developers.

Twitter Acquires Tweetie For iPhone Move

Twitter’s made another acquisition, and although this was a small move in some respects – just one man’s responsible for Tweetie – it’s had some significant effects, with an app called Twitter for iPhone coming into being and members of the developer community getting rather upset.