Twitter’s Flock Developer Series & Hatch Contest: What You Need To Know

Twitter is wooing developers more than ever in 2015. It’s hard to believe, but the company only recently held its first-ever developer conference, Flight. The October event saw the unveiling of Twitter’s Fabric developer kits and Digits sign-in. There are…

Netflix Launches Breaking Bad ‘Spoiler Foiler’

While die hard fans won’t have to worry about it for too much longer, Netflix has created a “Spoiler Foiler” designed to keep Breaking Bad spoilers out of fans’ Twitter feeds. It’s a Twitter app designed to keep you from…

Twitter Apps Go OAuth Today

As of today, Twitter apps will all use OAuth for user authentication. Users will be able to use apps without them storing their password.

"The move to OAuth will mean increased security and a better experience. Applications won’t store your username and password, and if you change your password, applications will continue to work," says

100,000 Ways to Make Twitter More Useful

Update: Twitter announced today at its Chirp Developer Conference that it has 100,000 registered apps.