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Twitter Testing Voice Tweets on iOS
Recognizing that text doesn’t always convey the nuances someone may be feeling, Twitter is testing voice tweets....
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Twitter Testing ‘Fleets’: Disappearing Tweets
In an effort to better compete with Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter is testing a new feature called “Fleets.”...
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Twitter Fixes Serious Vulnerability in Android Client
Twitter announced Friday that it has patched a serious vulnerability in the official Twitter client for Android. According to the announcement on the ...
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Twitter Adds Features Making Embedding Easy
Twitter has made it easier to add rich, responsive Tweet displays directly to your website or CMS. There are now 3 options: 1. Factory Functions ̵...
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Zac Efron Posted an … Interesting MLK Day Tweet
Zac Efron was garetful for two things on Monday, and he decided to put them both in the same tweet. One was the late, great Martin Luther King Jr., an...
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Twitter Killed the Favorite, Now It Needs a Save Button
Twitter just killed the favorite – the star you’ve known and loved for years – and replaced it with a “like” in the form of a he...
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Twitter Favorites Are Dead, Now You Must “Like” Tweets with a Heart
The Twitter favorite, the star, is dead. Twitter has decided to swap favorites for “likes” and stars for hearts on both its main platform ...
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Deleted Politician Tweets Site, Which Twitter Blocked, Now Preserved on Internet Archive
When Twitter decided to kill API access to Politwoops and Diplotwoops, sites the archived the deleted tweets of politicians across the world, it was a...
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Twitter Kills Sites Across the World That Archived Politicians’ Deleted Tweets
One of the biggest operations for preserving politicians’ deleted tweets has been shut down. The Open State Foundation say that Twitter has cut ...
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What Does Google’s New Tweet Section Mean For You?
Google and Twitter have been teasing us with a new integration of tweets into Google search results for months, but this week they finally made the of...
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Google Puts Real-Time Tweets in Mobile Search Results
Earlier this year, Google and Twitter made nice and struck a deal to bring more tweets to Google search results. Today, the fruits of said deal are go...
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People Who Tweet While Driving Are Doing It ‘All the Time’, God Help Us
AT&T has been running its “It Can Wait” campaign for a few years now, shining a light on the country’s continued problem with di...
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Scott Walker’s Twitter Team Needs to Get Its Sh*t Together
Though he hasn’t made a formal declaration, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is going to throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential race...
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‘2 Drunk 2 Care’ Tweeter Gets 24 Years for Fatal Crash
Kayla Mendoza, the Florida woman who sent an infamous string of tweets before causing fatal car crash back in 2013, has been sentenced to 24 years in ...
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Twitter Deploys New Algorithm to Fight Abuse
Twitter has a known and admitted problem with abusive content – one that truly embodies the phrase “no silver bullet.” How do you stop p...
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ESPN’s Britt McHenry Should Be Fired, Says Twitter
According to a growing number of Twitter users, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry deserves a steeper punishment than a brief suspensions. The hastag #FireBr...
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Clorox Washes ‘Racist’ Bleach Joke
Clorox has become the latest in a long line of companies to say something dumb on Twitter. It won’t be the last. Looking to piggyback on all the...
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Twitter Adds Comment Feature To Retweets
You know how before when you retweeted something, it just tweeted out the exact tweet you were retweeting unless you quoted it yourself and added some...
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Twitter Ads, Coming Soon to Your Profile
One of Twitter’s main goals – just like Facebook or any other social network – is the find that perfect balance between advertising and a pl...
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Kanye West Is Tweeting Naked Photos of Kim Kardashian
Hi. What are y’all up to this afternoon? Kanye West has spent the last hour or so tweeting out mostly naked photos of his wife, Kim Kardashian. ...
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