Scott Walker's Twitter Team Needs to Get Its Sh*t Together

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Though he hasn't made a formal declaration, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is going to throw his hat in the ring for the 2016 Presidential race eventually.

But before he does that, his social media team really needs to get its shit together.

Here's a recent tweet from Scott Walker's account:

Note that it's signed "TW", which means "Team Walker". Any tweet from the Governor himself are signed "skw".

Walker's Twitter team is just a little off with that tweet.

It's actually been a little over 408 years, as it was first established on May 4,1607.

Ok, people make mistakes. Happens to me all the time. No biggie.

But it took his team 50 minutes to "rectify" the error: That's just too long in the age of social media. You can't go leavin math errors up there for an hour – come on, guys. Next time it might not be some dumb tweet about Jamestown – it could be something a lot more serious.

The original "Twitter typo" is still up. The team hasn't deleted it. I guess that's a good sign for transparency?

Image via Michael Vadon, Wikimedia Commons

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