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Tag: The Wall Street Journal

Apple Promises Screen Time Fix
Apple says it will fix a bug in Screen Time parental controls, one that is preventing changes from being saved....
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Google Founder Sergey Brin Is Back At Google Several Days a Week
Google co-founder Sergey Brin is ramping up his time at Google, with reports he is working in the office several days a week....
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Congress Investigating US VCs Funding Chinese Startups
The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party is investing US venture capitalist firms that are funding Chinese startups....
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[Poll] Should Microsoft Charge for Improved Security? US Officials Don’t Think So.
Microsoft is under fire from US officials who are criticizing the company for charging more for improved security....
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US-China Tech War Heats Up As US Moves to Restrict Cloud Access
The US is ramping up its efforts to restrict China's access to advanced technology, with plans to limit its access to US cloud services....
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National Geographic Lays Off All Staff Writers, Will Rely On Freelancers
National Geographic magazine has laid off its remaining 19 editorial staff and will rely on freelancers moving forward....
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Prepare For Flight Delays As Airlines Are Poised to Miss 5G Deadline
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is warning that passengers may be in for flight delays as airlines are poised to miss their 5G deadline....
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Google May Take Another Stab at Online Gaming
Despite the disastrous downfall of of its Stadia game service, Google appears ready to try again via its YouTube platform....
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US Makes Critical Concession to Taiwanese & South Korean Chipmakers
The US is extending a critical concession to Taiwanese and South Korean chipmakers, one that will benefit China....
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Amazon Will Reportedly Unveil An Ad-Supported Prime Video Plan
Amazon may unveil an ad-supported Prime Video plan in an effort to expand the streaming service's reach....
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Farmers Group New CEO Reneged on Remote Work, Employees Revolted
Insurance company Farmers Group is facing an employee revolt after its new CEO reneged on the company's remote work promises....
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Reddit Is Laying Off Employees
Reddit is reportedly laying off employees as the company moves toward an IPO and faces a user revolt over its recent policies....
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Intel’s Turnaround, and Pat Gelsinger’s Legacy, Is In Jeopardy
Intel's turnaround is not exactly going as planned, jeopardizing its future and CEO Pat Gelsinger's legacy as the architect of the company's plan....
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TikTok Sues Montana Over Ban
Predictably, TikTok has filed a lawsuit against Montana in an effort to reverse that state's ban on the social media platform....
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Samsung Is Sticking With Google for Its Default Search Engine
Samsung has decided against switching to Bing for its default search engine, handing Google a win at a time when its search business is under fire....
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Shopify Sells Its Logistics Business and Lays Off 20% of Staff
Shopify is calling it quits on its logistics business, selling it, and laying off some 20% of its workforce....
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Sundar Pichai: Google Search Will Include AI
Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the company's search will include its new conversational AI....
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Startups Are Benefiting From Big Tech Layoffs
The tech industry may be grappling with wave after wave of layoffs, but startups are emerging as the real winners....
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Tipping Has Officially Gone Too Far As Self-Checkout Machines Push For Tips
Tipping is officially out of control with even self-checkout machines prompting customers for tips, according to a new report....
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Unity Software Lets 600 Workers Go Using All-Too-Familiar Playbook
Unity Software has announced it is laying off 600 employees in its third round of layoffs, citing future growth....
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