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Tag: Technology

Emerging Technology Trends That’s Reshaping The Restaurant Industry
What are the upcoming technology trends in the restaurant industry? Learn more about it in the article below. ...
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Leveraging Technology for Business Development
Do you know the appropriate ways of leveraging technology for business development? Learn more in the article below. ...
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Revolutionizing Auto Insurance: How Technology Has Changed the Game for Consumers
Learn all about how technology has been revolutionizing auto insurance for consumers in the article below....
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Why Tech Companies are Moving to Better Taxing States
It's no secret that big tech is starting to move to more tax favorable states - learn what the better taxing states are below....
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Top 3 US States Producing Tech Hardware
As technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, we need the tech hardware to keep up with everything....
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On-Demand Webcast: Your Guide to Moving Tax Processes to the Cloud
Watch this webcast to learn more about migrating your tax processes to the cloud....
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Hiring Process
Recruiting software and AI have become increasingly popular, especially right now with remote work becoming the norm. However, this has not been witho...
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Snowflake CEO: Once You Get To The Cloud The Lid Is Off
Once you get to the cloud all of a sudden the lid is off says Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman. People can just pursue their backlogs and whatever they ca...
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The Future of Nursing Homes
As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, senior citizens have borne the brunt of casualties. This is especially true of those living in nursing homes, thoug...
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Sony Invents Virtual Reality Display Visible To the Naked Eye
Using spatial reality to combine the virtual and physical world, Sony's new Spatial Reality Display creates an incredible 3D optical experience that i...
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DreamBox CEO: Adding Technology To Learning Is Not Martyring Your Kids
We've got to be intentional about subjecting ourselves to the scrutiny of third-party evaluators to make sure that parents and teachers don't think th...
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Tech Titans Meet With Trump: Video, Pics and Opening Transcript
The tech titans of Silicon Valley (and a few other places) met with President Elect Donald Trump at his request today. Notably, Trump said that any of...
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Microfluidic Cooling May Keep Moore’s Law Intact
Michael Kassner, a freelance writer, wrote a very interesting article published at TechRepublic on how microfluidic cooling might be the answer to pre...
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Google Taking on iPhone with New ‘Find Your Phone’ Tool
Google is taking on Apple’s iPhone with a new feature called ‘Find Your Phone‘. It is a new feature of Google’s ‘My Acco...
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Six Flags To Introduce Virtual Reality To Some Of Their Roller Coasters
Six Flags is about to throw roller coaster enthusiasts for a loop. Virtual reality goggles will be added to roller coasters at nine Six Flags amusemen...
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Amazon Now Has a Store Focusing on STEM Toys
Amazon wants your kids to grow up knowing more about the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. The online retailer has just launched a...
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Anne Boleyn Portraits May Not Actually Be Her
Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous faces and stories in all of history, but that famous face in now under speculation. Anne Boleyn had many portrai...
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Technology’s Impact On Our Understanding of the Brain
This post brought to you by HP Matter. The content and opinions expressed below are that of WebProNews. These days, massive technological shifts – d...
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Microsoft’s Knightscope Robots Guard Silicon Valley
Don’t be alarmed when you’re strolling along the roads of Silicon Valley and you happen to be stalked by a cold, heartless, egg shaped machine on ...
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iPad Mini 3: Most Underwhelming Apple Update Ever?
The iPad Mini 3 is being touted as, at best, a very anti-climactic update, and at worst, a brutal evisceration of the iPad Mini line. The iPad Mini 3 ...
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