Google Taking on iPhone with New 'Find Your Phone' Tool

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Google is taking on Apple's iPhone with a new feature called 'Find Your Phone'. It is a new feature of Google's 'My Account' hub, which was launched a year ago today. My Account puts all of your privacy and security tools in one spot and can be accessed on any device. The current tool let you change Ad and Privacy Settings and run Security Checkups. Google says that more than 1 billion people have logged into their own 'My Account' hub.

With 'Find Your Phone' Google is competing with Apple's 'Find My iPhone' feature that is part of its iCloud service. With 'Find Your Phone' you can locate your phone geographically on a map, lock, call it, secure your account and leave a callback number on the screen.

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Best of all, unlike with 'Find My iPhone' you can use this new feature with both Android and IOS phones and other devices such as the iPad or Android tablets. And coming soon, you’ll be able to simply search "I lost my phone" in Google to instantly access the features options.

Google also announced the ability to simply use your voice to get to 'My Account' features. Just download the latest Google app to your phone and say, “Ok Google, show me my Google account,” and they'll take you there. This is currently available only in English, with other languages to follow.

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Google added in a blog post: "We’re also making it easier than ever to find My Account by searching Google. Coming soon, you’ll be able to simply search for your own name, and if you’re signed in, you’ll see a shortcut to My Account."

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All very cool Google!

Rich Ord