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FBI: Don’t Charge Your Phone at Public Charging Stations
The FBI is warning travelers of the dangers of public charging stations, saying individuals should bring their own charger instead....
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EU Formally Adopts USB-C for Phones, Tablets, and Other Devices
The European Parliament has finalized the adoption of USB-C for charging small and mid-sized devices, including Apple’s iPhone....
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Congressman Joe Morelle Introduces Right to Repair Bill
New York Rep. Joe Morelle has introduced right to repair legislation, in a bid that could have a major impact on device manufacturers....
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Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass Victis, Toughest Version Yet
Corning has introduced its strongest version of Gorilla Glass to date, Corning Gorilla Glass Victis....
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Microsoft Changes Windows 10X Focus, Will Bring to Existing Devices
Microsoft has announced it will soon bring Windows 10X to existing, single-screen devices....
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Western Digital Flash Storage Ready For 5G
5G stands ready to revolutionize mobile applications and services with speeds far exceeding what’s currently available. In light of that, Western Di...
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EU May Force Apple To Ditch The Lightning Connector
Anyone who has an entire box or drawer of discarded phone charging cables knows the frustration of multiple types of chargers and connectors. Evidentl...
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Nikola Motors May Have Found ‘Holy Grail Of Batteries’
NBC News is reporting that Nikola Motors claims to have found the “Holy Grail of batteries,” promising to double the range of electric vehicles an...
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Amazon Fire Tablet Gets New Color and Storage Options
Amazon just announced new color and storage options for its Fire tablet. There are three new colors (magenta, blue, and tangerine) to join the black o...
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Apple Unveils iPhone SE, New iPad Pro
Apple held its big event on Monday, making several announcements. Among these were the iPhone SE and the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The new phone has a fo...
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Google’s Pixel C Goes On Sale Today
Google introduced its new Android tablet – the Pixel C – at an event in September. It’s the first tablet completely designed and mad...
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Google Unveils New Nexus Phones, Pixel C Tablet
Google made a bunch of announcements at a press event today, including the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, which we talked about here. Among the ...
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Amazon Just Unveiled A Bunch Of New Fire Devices
Amazon has been making headlines over the failure of its Fire Phone, but its Fire tablets and Fire TV devices live on with new models just being unvei...
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Apple: iPhone, Mac Are Cannibalizing iPad
Consumers seem to be showing less and less interest in Apple’s iPad line as time goes on, and that’s not necessarily because of the device...
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Best Tablets For Kids: Which One Should You Get?
It’s sometimes hard to figure out which tablets are best for your kids. After all, kids are often content with playing with their parents’...
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Amazon Reports Big Increase In Black Friday Sales Of Its Devices
This year was a lot better than last year when it comes to Black Friday sales of Amazon’s tablets and e-readers, according to the company. Amazo...
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People Are Now More Glued to Their Phones Than the TV
Mobile devices have, for the first time, overtaken television in the fight for our eyeballs. According to a report from Flurry, using data from comSco...
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Tablets For Kids: Should You Buy One?
Kids love electronics and it seems like most of them are becoming interested in tablets at a younger age. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see toddler...
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CNN Talking Heads Use Product-Placed Surface Tablets As iPad Stands
Once again, Microsoft is having a hard time controlling the variables of its product placement. You may have been watching CNN’s election covera...
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Google Announces Android 5.0 Lollipop, New Nexus Devices
Google just announced that the new version of Android is called Lollipop. It also announced a trio of new Nexus devices: the Nexus 6 smartphone, the N...
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