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Foursquare Brings Real Mayorships to Swarm
When Foursquare decided to build an completely separate app for check-ins and strip the “gamification” element out of the flagship app, th...
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Is Being A B2B Data Provider Foursquare’s True Calling?
Foursquare is looking to do more with its location data on the B2B front. The company is touting its Location Cloud offering, which it calls “th...
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Foursquare Might’ve Just Made Swarm Fun
Last May, popular location app Foursquare announced that they would be splitting the core functions of the app in two, creating an entirely new app ca...
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Checking in with Swarm Just Got Much Easier
If you’re an iOS user who loves to check-in with Foursquare’s Swarm app, but feel it’s too much effort to open the app and tap a few...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Now Dead for Windows Phone Users Too As Swarm Launches
Foursquare warned you a couple weeks ago, and today’s the day. Swarm, Foursquare’s check-in-devoted app, is now available on Windows Phone...
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Foursquare’s New, Still Check In-Less App Is Here
Foursquare went and pissed a bunch of people off when they decided to “unbundle” and separate the core functions of their main app into tw...
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Foursquare’s New App Coming Next Week as Company Battles Backlash
Foursquare probably knew that unbundling its features and removing check-ins altogether from its flagship app would ruffle a few feathers. I guess the...
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Foursquare Check-ins Are Dead, Users Now Prompted In-App to Download Swarm
As promised, it’s happened. Foursquare has eliminated the check-in functionality on their main app, ahead of a big redesign and refoucusing effo...
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Foursquare: Swarm Is Handling the Majority of Check-ins
Back in May, local recommendation and check-in app Foursquare decided that to survive and flourish, they were going to have to split apart. The compan...
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Swarm, Foursquare’s New App for Check-Ins and Friends, Is Now Available: Here’s What You Need to Know
Earlier this month, popular location app Foursquare announced that they would be splitting the core functions of the app in two, creating an entirely ...
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Foursquare Finally Moves Beyond the Check-In by Ditching It
Foursquare has been incredibly quiet since late last year. In December, the company touted 45 million users and $35 million in new funding–but since...
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Gangs of Chihuahuas Invade Arizona Town, Hunt Kids
Satan. Satan with four legs, aka, tiny chihuahuas are causing chaos in the Phoenix suburb of Maryvale, Arizona. Alongside their mega poop parties, fur...
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Google Glass Game Based On An Ant Colony In The Works
Aside from the novelty of wearing a web-capable recording device on your eyebrow, in order for Google Glass to truly succeed, it will need a killer ap...
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Foursquare Users Can Now Instantly Verify Businesses
Geolocation platform foursquare offers its merchant users all sorts of perks, and now businesses can instantly verify themselves for a flat $10 fee. T...
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