Verizon and T-Mobile Complete STIR/SHAKEN Rollout

T-Mobile and Verizon announced they have both rolled out the STIR/SHAKEN protocols in an effort to fight robocalls and spam.

FCC Sets Deadline For Carriers to Fight Robocallers

The FCC has set a deadline for phone carriers to support the STIR/SHAKEN protocol, in an effort to fight robocalls.

FCC Moving to Require Carriers to Fight Robocalls

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has unveiled a proposal to require carriers and telephone providers to fight robocalls, after being disappointed some did not voluntarily do so.

T-Mobile, Sprint Working Together to Fight Spoofed Calls

CNET is reporting that T-Mobile and Sprint are working together to combat spoofed calls between their two networks. Call spoofing is a popular tactic scammers use to make their calls seem legitimate. They mask their number, instead showing a number…