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Blizzard Embraces Steam, Will Bring Games to the Platform
Blizzard has announced it is bringing a selection of its games to Steam, beginning next month with Overwatch 2....
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Goat Simulator Launch Trailer Parodies Dead Island
Dead Island was one of the biggest disappointments of 2011. The game itself wasn’t bad – it was actually quite good. The disappointment ca...
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Gauntlet Brings Its Unique Brand Of Co-Op Dungeon Crawling To PCs This Summer
In 1985, Midway introduced the world to co-op dungeon crawler Gauntlet. It was one of the first games to get co-operative play right as players had to...
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‘Deus Ex: The Fall’ is Coming to PC
Square Enix today announced that Deus Ex: The Fall will be coming to PC on March 25. The game will be available through Steam on that date and will co...
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‘Year Walk’ is Coming to Steam on March 6
One year ago an Swedish indie game developer named Simogo released an iOS mobile title called Year Walk. The odd, horror-ish game was unlike almost an...
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Steam Holiday Sale Has Begun, ‘Arkham Origins’ Half Off
During this year’s Black Friday holiday shopping weekend, PC gamers were treated to this year’s Steam Autumn Sale. As expected, this sale ...
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Steam Machine Gets The Teardown Treatment From iFixIt
Earlier this month, Valve sent out 300 Steam Machines to lucky beta testers across the U.S. While the chances of you getting one were incredibly slim,...
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Gabe Newell Talks Coding In Google Hangout
When you hear the name Gabe Newell, what immediately comes to mind? For most of us, it’s probably Valve, Steam, Half-Life or some combination of...
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Valve Is Now An Official Member Of The Linux Foundation
It’s no secret that Valve sees Linux as the future of PC gaming. After all, the company is building SteamOS on top of Linux. Now the game develo...
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Steam Autumn/Spring Sale Has Begun
Fresh off the new console launches, Valve today launched its annual Autumn Sale. The sale should come as a relief to gamers who spent tons of money on...
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Here’s The First Third-Party Steam Machine
Earlier this year, Valve announced that it would be getting into the “console” market with the Steam Machine. As its name implies, it take...
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Valve Introduces Steam Reviews, Beta Goes Live Today
Are you one of the many jaded, cynical gamers that just can’t trust game critics anymore? Do you find more truthiness in the words of your fello...
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Steam In-Home Streaming To Enter Beta Soon
Back when Valve first announced SteamOS, it said that users would be able to either play PC games on its own Steam Machines hardware or stream games f...
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Valve Demos Its New Steam Controller
Earlier this month, Valve announced its intention to enter the hardware market with Steam Machines complete with Steam Controller. If you haven’...
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Valve To Host Steam Dev Days In January
There’s no denying that Valve is a major force in PC gaming. After all, the company singlehandedly revived the PC gaming market with Steam. Now ...
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Valve Reveals Steam Machine Prototype Specs
Last week video game developer Valve, the company behind the Steam online marketplace, unveiled its vision of bringing PC gaming to the living room an...
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Is Half-Life 3 Actually Under Development?
Throwing the caution of attracting the ire of the The Answer Is No Twitter account, the idea of actually getting to play Half-Life 3 makes one take ri...
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Odd-Looking Steam Controller Announced by Valve
On Monday, Valve announced SteamOS, a new PC operating system tuned specifically for gaming. It followed-up that announcement on Wednesday with the re...
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Valve Announces Steam Machines, Will Ship Out 300 Prototypes This Year
On Monday, Valve announced the first step in its plan to take over the living room – SteamOS. Now an operating system is all well and good, but ...
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Valve Announces SteamOS, Brings Your PC To The Living Room
Last year, Valve attempted to bring Steam to the living room through Big Picture. It worked well enough, but it required you to plug your PC directly ...
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