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Tag: Speech

Jacqueline Bisset’s Awkward Acceptance Speech
Jacqueline Bisset just couldn’t get it together and find the right words to express her gratitude when she took the stage to accept the award fo...
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Pope Wishes All World Peace, Included Atheists
The 77-year-old Pope Francis is full of surprises since he became the new residing pontiff of the Catholic Church. In his first Christmas address from...
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March on Washington becomes Interactive
“I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.” Powerf...
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Queen’s WWIII Speech: Secret Script Released
The script for a speech never recorded, where Queen Elizabeth II would address Britons about a nuclear war, has just been released. In 1983, Britain f...
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Obama Explains Lipstick On His Collar, He’s Safe From Michelle
Politicians who are involved in actual scandal could take some notes from President Obama, who explained lipstick on his collar before others could us...
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Guy Fakes Mexican Accent for an Entire College Semester, Wins Troll Points
I think I took Speech 101 back in college. You probably did too. It’s the kind of class that’s required by many majors at most universitie...
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Steve Jobs Predicted The Future Of Tech In 1983
Love him or hate him – Steve Jobs had a profound impact on the tech world. Under his leadership, Apple became the largest tech company in the wo...
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Julian Assange Demands That The U.S. Stop Persecuting Wikileaks
It’s official – Julian Assange has been granted asylum by the South American country of Ecuador. Unfortunately for Assange, it’s loo...
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Baby Robot Learns Its First Words
At team of scientists lead by the Caroline Lyon at the University of Hertfordshire, UK have developed a “baby robot” that learns human spe...
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Once Deaf, Bird Brains Can’t Keep a Tune: Deaf Equals Disharmony
Duke University Medical Center has released a new finding that pertains to songbirds and may have implications for other creatures including humans. I...
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Censored Twitter? No Worries, There’s A Workaround
Are you worried about Twitter’s news that they are going to begin censoring tweets in certain countries? Worry not as there is an easy workaround. T...
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Sega Introduces Toylet: The Urinal Video Game
Nintendo gave us the Wii and now Sega has brought us the Pii. Yes, that means about what you think it means: there is a video game that uses your pee....
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