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Tag: Spam

It’s Not Just You…Microsoft Outlook’s Spam Filters Are Borked
Users' inboxes were flooded with spam Monday, an apparent issue with Microsoft Outlook's spam filters not working....
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Verizon and T-Mobile Complete STIR/SHAKEN Rollout
T-Mobile and Verizon announced they have both rolled out the STIR/SHAKEN protocols in an effort to fight robocalls and spam....
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Google Rolling Out Verified Calls to Tell You Why Businesses Are Calling
Google is preparing to roll out a feature that will help cut down spam calls by verifying calls before they’re placed....
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Mozilla Unveils Email Aliases With Firefox Private Relay
Mozilla has announced it is working on Private Relay, an email alias generating service designed to protect user privacy....
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Coronavirus: Facebook Bug Has Been Blocking Legitimate News
Facebook has admitted to a bug that has been blocking legitimate news about the coronavirus pandemic....
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Twitter Cracks Down on Tweetdeckers With Mass Account Suspensions
Twitter continues its fight against spam and “tweetdecking” on its platform. On Friday, the social media website suspended a slew of accounts know...
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After Fake News, Facebook Starts Crackdown on Spammy Ads
Facebook has rolled out a new update that seeks to cut down on spammy ads on users’ news feeds. The announcement came just over a month after the so...
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Yahoo Faces Class Action Suit Over Alleged Text Message Spam
Yahoo will face a class action lawsuit related to unwanted text messages it allegedly sent to Sprint customers. According to reports, the company was ...
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Google Tweaks Algorithm To Better Handle Hacked Spam
Google announced that it has begun rolling out a series of algorithmic changes aimed at better handling hacked spam in search results. The company say...
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Google Will Make It Harder For Repeat Offenders To Get Back Rankings
Google is not cool with you frequently violating their guidelines. Well, obviously they’re not cool with you violating them at all, but they do ...
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LinkedIn Says It’ll Stop Sending You So Many Emails
Two things are true about LinkedIn emails. First, like any company that sends automated emails, there’s a way to unsubscribe and/or turn down th...
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19 Kids and Counting: Duggar Petition Site a Scam To Collect Email Addresses?
When the Duggar’s show 19 Kids and Counting was finally officially cancelled by TLC, fans of the show were livid. They took to comment sections ...
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Email Spam Rate Lowest In Over A Decade
Email spam levels have reached a twelve-year low according to research from Symantec. The company released its June Intelligence Report looking at tar...
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Instagram Has a Bot Problem, Despite ‘Purge’, Say Researchers
After looking at over 10.2 million accounts and studying the behavior of 20,000 purchased fake accounts, some Italian researchers have concluded that ...
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Some Brands Are Absolutely Dominated By Social Spam
It’s not news that spam plagues social media, but Networked Insights (via Marketing Land) recently put out some research looking into how it aff...
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Google Just Announced Another New Ranking Adjustment
Google just announced that it is cracking down on doorway pages with a new ranking adjustment, which will launch soon. Do you think doorways pages hav...
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You’re Going To Have A Hard Time Spamming Pinterest
Spam has historically been a problem on Pinterest, but it’s becoming less of one, according to the company. That’s a good thing considerin...
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Your Instagram Followers May Have Dropped – A Bunch of Celebrities’ Sure Did
If you recently awoke to find you now have significantly fewer followers on Instagram than you once had – get used to it. They’re likely not c...
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Instagram Will Finally Verify Users as It Tops 300 Million
Instagram has just announced a significant milestone – 300 million users. The company says that its user base now shares over 70 million photos and ...
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Is The Matt Cutts Era Over?
It’s not 100% clear yet, but it’s looking like for webmasters and SEOs, the era of Matt Cutts is a thing of the past. His career at Google...
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