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Tag: space exploration

Mars Rover Curiosity Halted Over Electrical Issue
NASA today announced that Mars rover Curiosity‘s planned research has been suspended temporarily. The rover is still functional, but has been pu...
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NASA Successfully Launches its MAVEN Mission to Mars
On Monday afternoon NASA successfully launched its Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) probe from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The probe̵...
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Mars Rover Curiosity is Back in Action
NASA today announced that Mars rover Curiosity is now out of safe mode and operating normally. The rover had rebooted into safe mode unexpectedly last...
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ESA Names ExoMars Lander ‘Schiaparelli’
The European Space Agency (ESA) today announced that the landing module for its 2016 ExoMars mission has been officially named “Schiaparelli....
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Mars Rover Curiosity Drove Itself For Two Days This Weekend
NASA this week announced that Mars rover Curiosity this weekend drove itself over the surface of Mars for two days. The rover used its autonomous driv...
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Rosetta Spacecraft to Wake Up In January
The European Space Agency (ESA) today marked a milestone in the Rosetta mission to study comets. After being launched nearly one decade ago the spacec...
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Juno Flyby to Help Scientists Reconcile Anomaly
NASA’s Juno spacecraft is scheduled to fly close to the Earth today, coming within 350 miles of Earth and swinging around it. The probe will be ...
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ESA Rover Makes Tracks in the Desert
Last week, the European Space Agency (ESA) detailed a project to test its mission capabilities for the 2018 ExoMars project. ExoMars will be putting y...
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ESA Mars Rover Being Tested in Chilean Desert
While NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has gotten most of the headlines this past year, but a European-led rover mission will be placing another rove...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Examines Sandstone Pebbles
Two weeks ago, NASA announced that Mars rover Curiosity had reached the first of five waypoints along its months-long drive to a Martian mountain name...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Doesn’t Find Methane in Martian Air
Mars rover Curiosity was sent to Mars with a primary mission to discover if the red planet’s environment was ever suitable for life as we known ...
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Voyager 1 Officially Left The Solar System One Year Ago
Last year, the Voyager 1 spacecraft entered a new region at the edge of our solar system. The stellar winds around the probe changed dramatically, tho...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Reaches ‘Panorama Point’
For around two months now, Mars rover Curiosity has been on a months-long journey to a Martian mountain named Mount Sharp. There, NASA researchers hop...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Records Phobos Eclipse
For over one month now, Mars rover Curiosity has been cruising along the surface of Mars on its way to a Martian mountain named Mount Sharp. The rover...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Still Cruising Along
Not much has been seen about Mars rover Curiosity since the rover’s one-year anniversary (Earth year, that is) was celebrated by NASA early this...
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Voyager Spacecraft Actually Has Left the Solar System, Argues New Study
For over six months now, scientists have holding their breath, waiting for confirmation that the Voyager 1 spacecraft has left the solar system. In De...
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NASA’s Juno Hits Halfway Point on Journey to Jupiter
Just over two years ago, NASA launched the Juno spacecraft on a mission to Jupiter. The probe’s journey to our solar system’s largest plan...
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NASA Celebrates Curiosity’s One Year Anniversary
NASA today celebrated the one year (Earth year) anniversary of Mars rover Curiosity’s landing on Mars. The rover’s landing was a technical...
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NASA Mars Mission Being Prepped For Launch
As NASA‘s Mars rover Curiosity celebrates its first year (Earth year) on Mars, the agency is now looking toward the future of Mars exploration. ...
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Mars Rover Curiosity Rolls Toward Its First Anniversary
On August 6, 2012, Mars rover Curiosity landed on the red planet, in a site called Gale Crater. The event was cause for immediate celebration for thos...
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