Hubble Telescope Running in Safe Mode

After decades of peering into the cosmos, the Hubble Space Telescope is experiencing a major computer issue and is running in safe mode.

Space Force Guardians — The Sixth Military Branch Names Its Personnel

They may not be Guardians of the Galaxy, but Space Force has chosen “Guardians” for the name of its personnel.

Elon Musk: We Must Become A Multi-Planet Species

Space pioneer Elon Musk says that becoming a multi-planet species is fundamentally important to ensuring the long-term survival of life as we know it.

Study: 36 Intelligent Civilizations In Our Galaxy

Using the modern data the scientists behind a new paper proposed that there should be around 36 different CETI’s (Communicating Extra-terrestrial Intelligent Civilizations) in the Milky Way Galaxy, says popular science YouTube star Anton Petrov.

Next Mining Venture: The Moon and Asteroids

President Trump signed an executive order further solidifying U.S. policy toward mining and resource acquisition in space.

Philae Gets A Google Doodle (Already)

Philae, European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) Rosetta mission probe, has soft-landed on a comet. This is the first time in history this has been done. It didn’t take Google long to whip up a Doodle to celebrate this amazing feat. “Our…

Mars Rover Curiosity to Examine Rocks in the Kimberley

NASA today revealed that Mars rover Curiosity will soon make a short stop to examine some more Martian rocks. The rover will examine an area of interest to researchers due to its different intersecting rock textures. “The orbital images didn’t…

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Functional Following Computer Swap

NASA today confirmed that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is still functional following a reboot into safe mode on March 9. According to the agency the orbiter rebooted itself after an unscheduled swap of its main computer to a backup. In…

NASA to Conduct Twin Astronaut Studies

The physics behind spaceflight are well understood, but what exactly being in orbit does to the human body is still being uncovered. To help out with this research NASA today announced that it now has plans to study the physiological…

Mars Rover Curiosity Successfully Surmounted a Sand Dune

NASA this week revealed that Mars rover Curiosity has successfully crossed over a Martian sand dune and is now continuing on its way. The rover drove a total of 41.1 meters on Sunday, February 9. This puts Curiosity’s total distance…