Rule by Machine: China Turns to AI to Run Its Judicial System

Like something straight out of science fiction, China is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help run its judicial system, putting humans at the mercy of machines.

China Creates AI to Identify and Prosecute Crimes

China is claiming a world first with an AI designed to identify and prosecute a variety of crimes.

China’s Regulators Block New Video Games

China is taking more steps to combat video game addiction, blocking new games from being licensed in the country.

Don’t Judge a Phone By Its Photos: Huawei Caught Using DSLR Photos

Huawei has been caught trying to pass off DSLR photos as ones taken by its new flagship phone, the P40 Pro.

Chinese Internet Growth is Staggering and is Still an Enormous Business Opportunity

South China Morning Post CEO Gary Liu recently gave a Ted Talk explaining the staggering growth of the Chinese internet and how it is rapidly changing millions of lives for the better.