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Hood Backs Off Of Google Investigation
Last week, Google said it was “deeply concerned” about reports that the MPAA has been secretly leading a campaign to revive SOPA (the Stop Online ...
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Google Slams MPAA For Trying To Resurrect SOPA, Censor The Internet
Google says it’s “deeply concerned” about reports that the MPAA has been secretly leading a campaign to revive SOPA (the Stop Online...
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The MPAA, RIAA Target Google Again
By now, it’s pretty clear the governing bodies behind the entertainment industry will not be happy unless Google turns over their search engine ...
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Google Has Some Thoughts On What You Can Do To Help Stop Bills Like SOPA
One of the most valuable allies in the fight against SOPA last year was Google. The search giant gave millions of Internet users the tools necessary t...
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For What It’s Worth, The House Thinks The Government Shouldn’t Control The Internet
Does the government want to regulate the Internet? It really depends on who you ask. Internet freedom fighters say legislation like SOPA and CISPA are...
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Anonymous Organizes CISPA Blackout, Not Many Web Sites Show Up
The SOPA blackout protest was something else. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and other major online players blacked out part or all of their Web sites in o...
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Let’s Not Forget The Fall Of SOPA And The Might Of A Unified Internet
The fall of SOPA was, by far, one of the most interesting events of 2012. It showed that the Internet can and will be an unstoppable force when faced ...
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Aaron Swartz’ Loved Ones: Suicide Product Of Justice System
As you may know, Aaron Swartz, who developed RSS 1.0 and founded Infogami, which merged with reddit in the popular social news site’s early days...
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Aaron Swartz Found Dead After Committing Suicide
Aaron Swartz, who is credited with developing RSS 1.0, and founding Infogami, which merged with Reddit in the popular site’s early days, was fou...
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The Free Internet Survived 2012, But Will It Be That Lucky Next Year?
2012 was a dangerous year for the free Internet. Lawmakers and global stakeholders all took a shot at policing and regulating the Internet over the pa...
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SOPA Returns As A Poorly Executed Extortion Virus
Remember SOPA? The Internet really dodged a bullet there when the largest Web protest ever killed the bill. There have been rumors that it would be ba...
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SOPA And PIPA Are Not Coming Back
SOPA and PIPA were a major threat to the Internet. Only those in the entertainment industry denied the claim as they pushed for stricter control of th...
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Anonymous Own3r Continues To Mess With GoDaddy, Links To Anonymous Message [Updated]
In case you haven’t been following, GoDaddy suffered a major outage on Monday, temporarily shutting down numerous sites across the web. Anonymou...
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Reddit Launches Bus Tour to “Promote the Open Internet”
Emboldened by the part it played in combating the SOPA legislation earlier this year with an “internet blackout,” Reddit has officially an...
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Former MPAA CTO Changes His Mind On SOPA
SOPA is dead, and it’s probably not coming back. The MPAA now realizes that a bill like that just isn’t going to fly. They need to be snea...
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Guess Who’s Back? SOPA And ACTA Are Sneaking Into Law Behind Your Back
The Internet has won the fight. SOPA and ACTA are both dead after having been eviscerated by the combined powers of the world coming together to fight...
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The Ghost Of SOPA Has Come Back To Haunt Us In New Bill
It was pretty awesome to see the Internet come together to beat back SOPA and PIPA. It was one of the defining moments of the Internet, but many peopl...
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Is Japan Making YouTube Illegal For Japanese Citizens?
So the Japanese government did something a little sneaky while its public was distracted by the arrest of a cult member who wanted to gas Tokyo’...
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The Netherlands Shoots Down ACTA
We here in the U.S. have been far too focused on CISPA lately and for good reason. It has the potential to encroach essential freedoms all in the name...
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Lamar Smith Greeted With “Don’t Mess with the Internet” Billboard
In case you’ve already forgotten who Lamar Smith is, take a moment to remind yourself. If that’s too much reading, in short, he was one of...
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