Google Has Some Thoughts On What You Can Do To Help Stop Bills Like SOPA

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One of the most valuable allies in the fight against SOPA last year was Google. The search giant gave millions of Internet users the tools necessary to contact their representatives to voice their opposition to the bill. Now Google is back giving tips on how developers and users can influence tech policy.

During Google I/O 2013, Derek Slater, Jen Pahlka and others hosted a session titled "Beyond SOPA: What You Can Do To Influence Tech Policy:"

From SOPA/PIPA and CISPA, to immigration and patent reform, government is taking a renewed interest in the Internet and the businesses we're building on it -- in some cases, there is even a new focus on the use of technology which can solve government problems.

As a result, government is looking for input from our community of entrepreneurs and developers about what our needs are as a community, and how they can build better public policy in our interest.

So, what are the most efficient, easy ways for you to get involved? Join us for a panel of some leaders in the Internet advocacy space to learn how you, as a developer, can get more involved in creating better policies that can affect your business.

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