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Tag: Sexism

“The Danish Girl”: Alicia Vikander Talks Sexism
The Danish Girl has enjoyed critical and audience acclaim as one of the best films of the year. So far, The Danish Girl has even earned nominations fr...
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Sandra Bullock on Hollywood Sexism: “I’m Glad They Got Caught”
There’s been a lot of talk recently about the gender pay gap, and though it’s an issue all over the country, its existence in Hollywood ha...
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Kristin Wiig ‘Bummed Out’ By Sexist Comments About All-Female Ghostbusters Movie
With all the talk about how there should be more roles for women in Hollywood, one would think that making all-female or female-led versions of certai...
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Olivia Wilde Is Blaming ‘Pure Sexism’ For Political Attacks On Hillary Clinton, ‘It’s Ridiculous’
Olivia Wilde is blaming “pure sexism” for political attacks on Hillary Clinton. In the midst of battle for equal pay by females in the fil...
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Jessica Mendoza Gets An Apology, MLB’s First Female Analyst Victim Of Sexist Twitter Attack
Atlanta sports radio host, Mike Bell, apologized to Jessica Mendoza after his sexist comment on Twitter about her position as a Major League Baseball ...
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Carey Mulligan Says ‘Suffragettes’ May Help To Correct Imbalance Between Men And Women
After giving birth to her first child three weeks ago, Carey Mulligan appeared in the star-studded premiere of Suffragette in London. The film is abou...
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Claire Danes: My Body Is Monitored
Claire Danes is the latest in a long line of Hollywood actresses who are speaking up about sexism in Hollywood. The Homeland star told People recently...
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Madonna: Age Questions Are Sexist; Cooking Questions Are Not
Madonna is still the reigning Queen of Pop, even though she’s getting stiff competition in that arena. At 56 years of age, she shows no sign of ...
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Emma Thompson Serves Up Four-Letter Words Over Hollywood Sexism
Emma Thompson is not impressed with how Hollywood handles women, especially women of a certain age. And that age is not nearly as high as you might th...
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J.K. Rowling Calls Out ‘Idiot’ on Twitter for Serena Williams Diss
J.K. Rowling is a tennis fan. When the famed author of “Harry Potter” took to Twitter on Saturday to express her love for Serena Williams,...
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Jane Fonda Surprised She’s Still Getting Roles
Jane Fonda is no newcomer to the argument about how women are treated in the film industry. Fonda has been fighting that fight all her career. For a w...
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Maggie Gyllenhaal Discusses Hardships In Getting Movie Roles
In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Maggie Gyllenhaal talked about her rejections for casting roles in the past. Gyllenhaal shared all ...
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Men’s Health Magazine: The Non-Sexist Advice They SHOULD Have Given
Men’s Health magazine learned the hard way that they are coming to men about women and sports from the wrong century. The publication posted a tease...
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Elliot Rodger: A Creep Who Couldn’t Take Rejection?
Elliot Rodger was walking validation for any and every woman who ever felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up when approached by certain men. ...
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Heather Graham Calls Hollywood Sexist
Heather Graham has made a name for herself playing sexy moms in films such as The Hangover, Petals on the Wind, and Judy Moody. While Graham says she ...
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Jerry Lewis: Is His View Of Women In Comedy Sexist?
It’s been a popular criticism of women in comedy and now a famous old school star is adding his voice to the argument. Jerry Lewis says that he ...
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WestJet Passenger Leaves Sexist Message to Pilot, She Responds
Can someone please remind me what year it is because if I recall, it is 2014 and not 1914! (SIGH) In recent news, a bizarre case of sexism occurred to...
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Meryl Streep Calls Walt Disney A “Gender Bigot”
On Tuesday, when Meryl Streep got on stage at the National Board of Review Awards Gala, the audience was probably expecting a thoughtful, short, cong...
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Nerf Rebelle: Brilliant or Sexist?
One of the hot toys for the 2013 Christmas season is the Nerf Rebelle series of weapon-like toys. They’ve been made available by Hasbro with lit...
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Idaho High School Coach Fired Over Innocuous Facebook Photo, School District Faces Sexism Charges
An Idaho school district is under fire after they terminated a high school basketball coach and part-time teacher for a seemingly innocuous vacation p...
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