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Tag: self-driving

Tesla Car Spotted With Lidar Sensors
Tesla appears to be testing a car with lidar sensors, a technology used to help automakers develop self-driving vehicles....
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GM CEO Wants Personal Autonomous Vehicles by 2030
General Motors CEO Mary Barra is has expressed her desire to have personal autonomous vehicles by 2030....
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Toyota Acquiring Lyft’s Self-Driving Division
Lyft has announced Toyota subsidiary Woven Planet is acquiring its self-driving division, Level 5....
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Ford Tests Self-Driving Software on ‘Mother of All Road Trips’
Ford is laying down the gauntlet in the self-driving arena, declaring its BlueCruise software has completed the “Mother of All Road Trips.”...
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Consumer Reports: Tesla’s In-Vehicle Cameras a Privacy Concern
Consumer Reports has raised concerns about Tesla’s in-vehicle cameras, saying they represent a privacy concern....
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Ford Executive Calls Tesla’s Self-Driving Software ‘Vaporware’
A Ford executive has upped the rivalry with Tesla, calling Tesla’s self-driving software “vaporware.”...
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Waymo Autonomous Driving Would Eliminate Almost All Vehicle Fatalities
Waymo has released a detailed report of its autonomous driving test scenarios, providing evidence of the technology’s ability to prevent fatalities....
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Baidu Gets Permission to Test Self-Driving Cars in California
Baidu is the latest company to receive permission to test self-driving cars in California....
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Apple Car Still Years Away According to Reports
The rumored Apple Car has been making headlines again, although recent reports are placing its debut several years away....
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Alphabet’s Waymo Switches to ‘Fully Autonomous Driving’ vs ‘Self-Driving’
Waymo has announced it will no longer use the term “self-driving,” embracing “fully autonomous driving technology” instead....
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Ultimate Solution For Uber and Lyft Is Autonomy
Gene Munster discusses how California in forcing drivers to be employees may ultimately speed up the efforts of Uber and Lyft to go fully self-driving...
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Volvo’s Self-Driving Cars Will Use LiDAR In 2022
Volvo plans on using LiDAR in its next generation of self-driving cars, scheduled to begin production in 2022....
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Wayve Raises $20 Million To Improve Autonomous Vehicle AI
VentureBeat is reporting that U.K.-based startup Wayve has raised $20 million in Series A funding to improve AI for autonomous vehicles. Wayve takes a...
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