Amazon Sues to Stop Fraudulent Text Scams

Amazon has announced it is launching a lawsuit to tackle text scams that purport to be from the e-commerce giant.

Shipping Scams Up 440% Amid Record Online Shopping

Shipping scams are up a whopping 440% as online shopping hits new records amid the pandemic.

FCC: All Calls From Carriers Profiting From Robocalls May Be Blocked

The FCC voted unanimously to adopt a set of rules that would allow all calls from carriers benefiting from robocalls to be blocked.

T-Mobile Takes On Robocalls, Unveils Scam Shield

T-Mobile has unveiled Scam Shield as part of its latest Un-carrier Move, taking on robocalls and scams.

Facebook Beefs Up Messenger Security

Facebook has announced significant new measures to increase the security of Messenger, as well as combat predators and scammers.

Facebook Scam Targets Those Impatient for a Dislike Button

So you want to be able to show your friends and family just how much you hate their posts? You may, at some point, get a dislike button. Probably not the kind you’re thinking of, but maybe. Dislike hype is…

Facebook ‘Powerball’ Scam Screws Woman out of $10K

Neither Facebook nor its CEO Mark Zuckerberg are ever going to give you money, unless you’re a charity – then you might get a fat donation from Zuck. But for average, everyday people on Facebook, anyone claiming to have money…

Tax Advice: 5 Dirty Tax Scams to Watch Out for This Year

Some tax advice is not worth the hot air that pushes it out of a crooks mouth. The IRS has put together a list of a dozen tax season pitfalls that Americans need to be on the lookout for. Some…

Jessica Chambers: Scammers Move In to Make Money Off Burned Girl’s Memory

Jessica Chambers has lots of people who remember her, and hundreds more who want to help find out who killed her. Support for the family has been steady and deep. But some people want to use the death of Jessica…

Identity Theft A Serious Problem During The Holidays

Nothing puts a serious damper on holiday shopping quite like identity theft. Identity theft is what happens when a person obtains your personal information and then uses it without your permission. This action can result in stolen money or severely…