Chili-Finger Lady: Wendy's Scammer Is Going Back to Jail

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An infamous fraudster is going back to jail for once again attempting to deceive law enforcement.

Anna Ayala, better known as the "chili-finger lady," is about to spend another two years in prison after lying to police to protect her son from a parole violation.

Mercury News reports that Ayala hid the fact that her 26-tear-old son Guadalupe "Junior" Reyes accidentally shot himself in the ankle, as having a gun would have been a serious parole violation. Ayala and her son blamed the shooting on two men, which led to the interrogation of one suspect. Of course, he wasn't involved and now Ayala and her son are both facing jail time.

Ayala pled no contest to three different crimes this time around - being an accessory to a felony, filing a false police report and being a felon in possession of a firearm. She has been sentenced to serve two years for the crimes.

Ayala gained notoriety back in 2005, when she filed a lawsuit against fast food chain Wendy's after she allegedly found a severed human finger in her chili. Investigators soon determined that the finger didn't come from any Wendy's employee and that the consistency of the finger was not representative of something that had been cooked at 170 degrees.

Ayala was eventually charged with grand larceny, as Wendy's claimed that her lawsuit caused a loss of $2.5 million in revenue.

The finger was later identified to belong to one Brian Paul Rossiter, a co-worker of Ayala's huband who had lost a fingertip in an industrial accident.

She was sentenced to 9 years in prison in 2006, but only ended up serving 4 years.

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